Recruitment of Reviewers 2019-2021


[Updated 28-07-2019]

Participation in the peer-review process is essential to the journal's reputation. Reviewers are expected to provide insight and necessary recommendation to the editors in determining proper work. Reviewers are also expected to help novice authors in improving their article's quality.

Each reviewer will be assigned of two to three articles per year. The article is evaluated based on the review form provided. Reviewers can also give direct comments on the article's document file.

Job Details

  • Working Status: Part-time
  • Working Language: English
  • Working style: Internet-based (OJS 3 platform)
  • Payment: Voluntary job, no payment


  • have published extensively in the subject that is covered in the journal's focus & scope;
  • hold a job at a university or academic organization, in a teaching or research position;
  • be fluent in academic and professional English;
  • have a strong interest in a scholarly journal;
  • preferably be fluent in OJS 3 platform;
  • preferably possess a doctoral degree in the specific subject related closely to the journal;
  • work quickly and accurately to tight deadlines.


  • Recognition in Ethical Lingua website
  • Letter of assignment and certificate of acknowledgement from the editor
  • A full waiver on article processing charge in publishing with Ethical Lingua for every article reviewed.

How to Apply